62500mAh Power Generator 200W Pure Sine Wave Output

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When some people demanded versatile and powerfully packed products that can deliver great support, whether at home, work, during picnic or vacation, Powerology offered its version of a 62.500 mAh Power Generator.

A great, powerful, and safe-charging companion and charging support.

The battery capacity and ports available gives you confidence that whether you’ll need AC, DC, PD, USB-A, or USB- C port, you are fully covered.

Also, there is Overheat and Overload protection, LCD Information panel, and a Universal socket built-in, as well as Solar re-charge Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controller for effective managing and absorbing input Voltage.

It delivers PD through USB- Type C with 30W and 18W QC through USB- Type-A ports.

Can charge (calculation based on average battery capacity and optimal charging conditions): Laptop 3 charges, Tablet- 6 charges, Mobile phone- 14 charges, Bluetooth Speaker- 8 charges, Mini Fridge- 3 hours charging.

During the recharging of the Power Generator, the USB and DC output ports remain functional, supplying power, but the AC output will be on stand by.

Therefore we trust this great and powerful Generator, wherever we go, to support our charging needs and keep our devices juiced up and maintain our seamless journey through the day.