Intelligent Universal Screen Protector Cutter

Powerology intelligent universal screen protector cutter with a high precision blade designed for cutting various flexible protective films. Lifetime use with automatic updates: One-time investment with lifetime rewards. connecting to Wi-Fi automatically updates and uploads the new and latest phone model outline. An innovative solution to attract customers: Helps attract customers and highlight your services […]

4 in 1 Fast wireless charging Power Dock


While the market is searching for a more versatile, efficient, and powerful charging device, Powerology presented the 4 in 1 Fast wireless charging Power Dock. Its double core pad allows simultaneously to wirelessly charge two devices with 10W power each, 5W MFi Certified Magnetic Charging Module that powers your Apple Watch, and a USB Type-A […]

Smart Scale With interactive Application


A smart and handy lifestyle diet companion and adviser on food intake. Get the best of your nutrition, tailored diet, or plan your meals (and the ones for your family and kids). 5 measuring units, 25 nutrient values, and 7800 food types (upgradable) will support your everyday intake in a reliable and advisory way so […]

62500mAh Power Generator 200W Pure Sine Wave Output


When some people demanded versatile and powerfully packed products that can deliver great support, whether at home, work, during picnic or vacation, Powerology offered its version of a 62.500 mAh Power Generator. A great, powerful, and safe-charging companion and charging support. The battery capacity and ports available gives you confidence that whether you’ll need AC, […]

4-Output 156W Quick Charging Power Terminal


Ever-increasing demands of power delivery and fast charging enabled charging devices, packed in a smaller product, motivated Powerology to come up with its version of a reliable, effective, efficient, and powerful 156W desk charger. It has 4 Ports to match all charging device’s needs (2 x USB- type C- PD and 2 x USB-A- QC […]